What should marginalized groups (such as the First Nations people mentioned in this article) do to better maintain and carry forward their own culture

What should marginalized groups (such as the First Nations people mentioned in this article) do to better maintain and carry forward their own culture

After reading completing the readings for this week and browsing through the slide galleries and links:Post a reading response of a minimum 250 words exploring one of the prompts posted below. Please feel free to incorporate your own opinion and observations in your discussion!When necessary, use an example from the reading, include page number/quote/imagePick one of these topics for your response:

In the example mentioned in the article, schools impose Christianity, English or French, and European/Canadian culture on First Nations Children by compulsory means in order to erase their own culture. What impact does this have on these First Nations Children? Can they really integrate into this new culture?

What should marginalized groups (such as the First Nations people mentioned in this article) do to better maintain and carry forward their own and protect their culture from?

A major theme in the reading is art as activism. Do all artists have a responsibility to promote equity in their art? Why or why not?

How can art operate in a way that honors heart knowledge and engages the mind, body and spirit? How might this be understood as a radical and revolutionary act within a society rooted in settler colonialism?Artist:

What role do you think the clothing luna is wearing in \\\”Artifact Piece\\\” and \\\”Take a Picture with a Real Indian\\\” play in how those pieces are received by their audiences? Why would he have picked that specific clothing?

In \\\”In My Dreams: A Surreal, Post-Indian, Subterranean Blues Experience\\\” , Luna talks about memory and nostalgia as it relates to culture. How can you relate to this idea? How would you present this idea?

Many of James Luna\\\’s performance pieces are situated in museums or utilize existing museum exhibitions. Why does he position his work here?

After you have done so, you must also POST TWO 100 word minimum response to a classmate\\\’s observations by hitting \\\”reply\\\” to their post. Your response post should elaborate on their comments, you may have a questions, be curious about their viewpoint, agree or disagree. Be respectful and courteous, but don\\\’t be afraid to ask questions! Try to reply to a response that seems lonely. Then join other thread if you are interested.

here is the student comment need a reply of 100words

Imposing foreign cultures such as English, French, Christianity, and European/Canadian culture has devastating effects on First Nations Children. Foreign culture communicates a strong message that the ancient culture is inferior and the need for First Nations Children to transition to a modern and hybrid system of cultural practices. For example, “when the school is on the reserve, the child lives with its parents, who are savages, and though he may learn to read and write, his habits and training mode of thought are Indian. He is simply a savage who can read and write “(Nanibush, pp. 57). It is a disgusting sentiment expressed by the once Canadian Prime Minister John A. MacDonald.It is clear that those who impose new culture on other races are convinced that they are more of human beings, and that the savages should be transitioned into the new system. Schools should stop forcing First Nations Children to “acquire the habits and modes of thought of white men” (Nanibush, pp. 58). Such behaviors are rampant abuse of basic human rights and cultural genocide. Survivors of such foreign culture may become leaders in their local community though they face several cultural crises now that they don’t know their true identity. Cultural assimilation is a modern form of mental slavery and colonization of the so perceived second-class people. Education should be meant to emancipate people from mental slavery and improve the individual state of wellbeing. The act of dressing like a while man belittles the “very real tenacity of First Nations people to hold onto their cultural practices” (Nanibush, pp. 59).In my view, the behavior of schools imposing foreign language and cultural practices hurt First Nations Children. It is that advanced form of brain drain where the victims of cultural assimilation may end up devaluing their ancient beliefs and practices, however important they may be. Schools should be pragmatic and focus on teaching essential concepts as opposed to resorting to cultural genocide. I think schools are the right avenues to embrace cultural diversity and the importance of appreciating divergent political, religious, economic, and social views as opposed to demeaning other people’s language and culture. I believe that no culture is superior to another.

response 2

The article introduces the idea of art as healing, with art being combined with ceremony, and thus forming a transformative experience that can heal the spirit, body, mind, and heart. Within a society rooted in settler colonialism, there is a need to release feelings of anger, pain, and loss, and reinvent the meanings of historical invents and markers that tell the story of the colonizer rather than the story of the peoples that were oppressed and diminished. We see how the indigenous/native community in Canada create artworks/ceremonies that are radical and revolutionary through using historical sites for pieces. For example, James Luna used a World War II memorial site for his art piece where he reenacted a battle scene, which would symbolically label the clash between the Mohawk community and the Canadian army as a war. Also, by reenacting the scene, Luna gave his audience the perspective of being in the war, thus giving them knowledge of an experience that they could gain no other way. In this way, James Luna’s art is radical. Nanibush recalls, ”Suddenly our sympathy was with the Mohawks—with the people who are most vulnerable and precarious.” By shifting someone’s perspective to the perspective of the most vulnerable and precarious, this artwork engages the heart, mind, body, and spirit. Another example is the healing dances performed on the streets of Toronto in protest to Canadian assimilation policies. Healing dances are meant to turn mourning into celebration, and this dance symbolized a sacralization of public interest, and a representation of culture persevering against cultural genocid



Answer preview to what should marginalized groups (such as the First Nations people mentioned in this article) do to better maintain and carry forward their own culture

What should marginalized groups (such as the First Nations people mentioned in this article) do to better maintain and carry forward their own culture

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